Thursday, May 8, 2014

170 Using Neo Megilp

I was enthused with my attempt to imitate Maroger medium and wanted to try Gamblin's Neo Megilp–which is explicitly formulated as a Maroger medium substitute. Jacques Maroger formulated his medium from the original Old Master recipe which was called Megilp. The main problem with the original Megilp is that it contains lead–which I banished from my studio. Neo Megilp seemed a bit too watery out of the bottle so I let a generous batch sit on the palette overnight to thicken up (read more about Neo Megilp here).

The main problem with my original painting was that the orange field was too flat and uninteresting. I wanted to add some thick oranges and yellows but didn't want to lose the rich transition between the orange and blue. My initial application of medium seemed like it was just going to make the paint slide around on the canvas. But as I pushed the paint into the medium the Neo Megilp seemed to stiffen up. This might reflect some thixotropic effect.

Although I still love my Maroger medium substitute Neo Megilp is equally low in toxicity and easy to use.

Brad Teare–May 2014


  1. I love your paintings and your impastos...thank you for sharing your art.

  2. Nice abstraction, Brad. Thanks for sharing the vid!

  3. Thanks for sharing Brad, a visit here is so motivating.

  4. Thanks everyone! Your enthusiasm keeps me going!

  5. Great video Brad! There are various oil painting mediums that I have been curious about so it's nice to see them in action!


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