Tuesday, May 29, 2018

346: Understanding Creativity

–WHY do some people love art and others seem unmoved by it? I'm always interested in the reaction of people who visit our home. Our living room has art hanging from floor to ceiling. Some people don't even notice–which always intrigues us since our collection (which includes an original work by Carl Bloch) is such a prominent part of the room.

I've always assumed that with enough persuasion nearly anyone could be convinced that life with art would be superior to one devoid of art (read my five reasons to collect art here). Despite straining my persuasive abilities to the limit I don't think I've persuaded anyone to collect art. It seems that needle is very difficult, if not impossible, to move.

I recently stumbled across a fascinating video about creativity from an artistic and psychological perspective. The ideas presented were compelling and explained some of the reasons that art appeals to some and not others. I do believe that creativity expresses itself in a broad spectrum. A neighbor had an incredible gift for fixing engines. The friend who built my studio had a remarkable gift for solving building problems as well as reaching an aesthetic mark with a limited budget.

So I know that creativity can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The following video of an interview with Jordan Peterson, makes many points, such as; if you genuinely like art you are probably creative. Or; art embodies tremendous beauty and continued revelation. As well as; people are terrified of art because it speaks of the ultimate depths. And my favorite, art is exploration. (Watch the video here. Note that the audio improves at 1 minute.)

Additionally, Jordan Peterson mentions a book, Genius, by Hans Eysenck, about the nature of the creative personality that promises to be worth reading (Deb, if you are reading this post this would make a great Christmas present!)

I will continue to be an advocate for art while understanding the limitations of such efforts. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Brad Teare –May 2018

Above: Grand Canal, 24" x 24", (sold).


  1. I'd love to see your home, I almost envy those who have been there to see (or those who choose not to see) your, and your wife's lovely art. We have one of your works of Liberty or Eden that grabs me each time I look at it.

    1. So glad you are enjoying that painting. Our collection rotates considerably with only three permanent pieces by other artists. And when one of us has a show the room empties out. Thanks for your comment.

    2. If you are ever in Cache Valley you should drop by.

  2. I've been in Brad's home because I'm his brother Steve. The greatest item in Brad's home is he and his family. They are the real art. What they surround themselves with symbolically are just external manifestations of their internal values and beautiful spirits.

    Brad thanks for sharing this video. The philosophy summarizes many things I've told to my creative son, Levi. And many things I want to tell him. Like creativity is the inverse of dollars. And genius being an internal things that requires creativity for inception then innovation to convert that idea into money. Money is the applause. Anyway, so many good ideas. Thanks.

    Living the creative life is rewarding and a trial at the same time. A paradox.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Steve. We certainly have tried to make our home a welcoming place for those who visit. The ideas that emerged from the video are solid. Some might think they are a bit negative. The irony is that artists will give little heed to the warnings. That is as it should be although it can seem arrogant to a certain extent. The pursuit of meaning in the lives of artists is so compelling that it overrides nearly every other consideration.

  3. I'm slowly getting into more texture with acrylic. Transitioning...is not as smooth as I expected, pun intended, hehe. Progress is being made. The doing part has experience as a good teacher and your paintings are inspirational/motivational. I really like your canal painting. Sky is less texture, middle ground more texture and foreground most texture. Really nice. I seek alive, dynamic, and trans-formative (2D becoming 3D) shapes of color edge to edge. Thanks for sharing your talent and understanding.

    1. Thank you, Clay. Glad you are enjoying the blog. One additive I really like is Liquitex's texturing medium. The only thing bad about it is that they don't sell it by the gallon! I love how you can just keep layering textures over previous layers of acrylic. Super fun!

  4. I came here via Padmaja's blog and what a treat it has been. I am going to enjoy going back over so many interesting topics.
    Your painting is a knockout with its rich color palette and strong design.

    1. Hi, Julie. I love what Padmaja is doing. she is blending color and texture in an exciting way Thank you so much for the kind words and so glad you are enjoying the blog and videos.

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