Tuesday, April 29, 2014

167 Maroger medium substitute

Maroger medium is a useful but toxic medium prized by painters working in a realist tradition. I have been using a reliable substitute that has no turpentine or lead. It has nearly all the same properties, although it does lack thixotropic qualities. But it has the advantage that it can be customized to be thicker or thinner depending on your use. In this video I demonstrate how to make an easily prepared and safe substitute for Maroger medium. If you click the buy now button in the video frame you will get $3 worth of free credit to spend on videos with no obligation. Just type in your name and email.

One thing that wasn't captured on the video is that painting into this thick but buttery medium is just plain fun!

I use this medium to oil up the canvas, using it like a thick couch. I hope you find this medium as useful as I do. Let me know what you think.

Brad Teare–April 2014


  1. i'm in the process of cooking a batch of Maroger. It took much research and material sourcing. Making a large batch is super expensive, 150.00 for the mastic tears alone. I want the experience of the thixotropic quality, it is fascinating and archival. W.F. Martin shared his all purpose medium for my Rembrandt studies. I now have quarts of mediums to use as brush cleaners as i learn to avoid the "plastic alkyds" I ordered the Gamblin products and will experiment. I will let you know how it all plays out. Mediums of the masters are a niche market cottage industry.

  2. Please keep me updated. I tried some Maroger Medium in a tube and found it wonderful. I am a pretty sloppy painter with little hope of reform so having painting materials with lead was a problem. I also have asthma so turpentine is out as well. I found the thixotropic aspect interesting but not essential. I'd love to know more about why it is so prized among Maroger medium enthusiasts. I look forward to hearing more about your experience with it.

  3. Thank you so much for this educative video. I cant wait to try it out, but these products are not available where I live, so I have to get them without fail when I visit US next time. Can I use linseed oil instead of poppy seed oil if I make a small amount of medium to be used as and when required? Thanks.

    1. Any alkyd gel should work. I know there are some other variations but Gamblin Gel is my preference (for its clarity and lack of scent). If you use linseed oil it will just dry a little bit faster but it probably won't be a problem. Thanks for watching and supporting the Thick Paint project, Padmaja!


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