Saturday, March 4, 2017

314: Building a Portfolio Website

–THE internet offers an unprecedented means to connect with fellow artists and potential art collectors. But the connection is only useful if we communicate effectively. In anticipation of a trip to Santa Fe to select a gallery, my brother Steve offered to give my website a major makeover.

I wanted the site to be the equivalent of a physical portfolio and needed high-resolution images in the portfolio section. Potential gallery directors will need to quickly see the quality and detail of my work. Steve found an innovative solution that allowed for speedy downloads while maintaining high visual quality (read about it here).

Since Steve was rightly concerned about download speed and wanted to keep the focus on my oil landscapes, he opted to eliminate portfolio woodcut images and link directly to my Etsy woodcut site. It was an elegant solution and a win-win for both navigation and download time. I haven't been overly impressed with Etsy as a sales tool, but it is a functional portfolio when linked to a visually engaging website.

Steve also suggested I upgrade my biography. Writing your own bio is tricky. You need to mention salient details without appearing excessively proud of accomplishments. Striking the right tone can be quite difficult even for the best writers.You can read the revised version here (let me know what you think). 

My galleries have changed so we included my newest–Anthony's Fine Art. I also added a photo of their gallery (see above) which I borrowed from Google Earth. I will upgrade the photo as soon as Spring arrives. I also want to make a video showing the interior galleries as well as the space where my paintings are hanging. It's an impressive venue, and I think readers might enjoy a virtual tour.

Brad Teare –February 2017


  1. Everything about the new look is a spot on Brad!

  2. Brad, Kent here. How did you do your hi-res scans?

  3. I very much liked your blogger whenever I can, I come here.


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