Thursday, October 22, 2015

254: Social Media Wars–the power of Pinterest

Screen shot of my woodcut board
IN the ongoing clash between social media a few favorites are emerging for visual artists. I've had a Pinterest account for awhile but had not fully exploited its power. Yesterday I added a board (a board is an online portfolio) for my abstracts, my oil landscapes, and my woodcuts. (See my Pinterest Widget below.)

I like the design logic of Pinterest which makes Facebook seem like a tabloid. Pinterest is easy and reliable and I love being able to make portfolios of favorite artists and techniques I'm currently studying. To add a Pin button to your Chrome browser to collect images as you browse the internet go here.

I originally used Pinterest to make collections of ideas for my studio. I was able to quickly assemble a selection of architectural, lighting, and furnishing solutions. I normally don't enjoy activities that are too akin to shopping but Pinterest made it fun to both collect the visual information and review it later.

In today's competitive market if social media is not fun it will be obsolete–as I think Facebook will be soon. Facebook suffers from a terminal lack of design and style. Design and style are not simply decoration–design and style are expressions of the logic and ease with which users approach the venue. They are the ambience in which users feel comfortable–or don't. Facebook is an artless solution that will eventually morph into something else (I suspect it will be cannibalized by Instagram).

Let me know how you use Pinterest to advance your painting projects.

Visit Brad's profile on Pinterest.

Brad Teare –October 2015


  1. Much to my surprise, I adore Pinterest! A few short months ago I reluctantly learned it, grumbling about having to master yet another social media. Then I was hooked. I love having organized places to plop images and ideas. And even secret boards where I experiment, or am not sure or don't have time to organize, but don't want to lose stuff or delete yet.

    One thing that has emerged, is the way it helps me pin point my own artistic leanings. I have around 3000 + pins now. I only pin things *I* really like. So, when I scan over them, it reveals my own preferences, and gives me a clear direction, reinforcing my own artistic vision. I love all kinds of art, yet I see a trend in the type of images I pin.

    I didn't realize you had a Pinterest acct, will definitely check it out!
    Here's mine:

    1. I agree Retta, seeing what catches your eye is a good way to fine tune your artistic vision. It is interesting that some artistic styles are good at attracting attention only to bore you after a few dozen paintings. Its a very interesting phenomenon. Thanks for you comment!

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