Thursday, February 12, 2015

215: Dream of Light

Work in progress, Dream of Light, 44" x 44"
"I spin a cocoon around myself; let others do the same. I shall leave it to time to show what will come of it: a brilliant butterfly or maggot."

    —Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich was a German romantic painter whose work bordered on the surreal. The accompanying image is a work in progress entitled Dream of Light. It was this painting I saw in a dream I wrote about here.

May your vision be clear, your rendering faithful.

Brad Teare–February 2015



  1. I read your post about your dream. Native Americans are very cognizant of dreams and feel they have significance in one's life. Interesting that you have not climbed the stairs though. I think once you get a few of these new paintings finished, you will find yourself ascending the stairs. Symbolically the stairs represent anything that has to do with higher learning/knowledge, attainment of goals and/or raising one's consciousness. Am looking forward to coming along for the journey.
    ps. I'm proofreading my posts as my last one was terribly written.

  2. Going through the images and emotions interpreted by our subconscious mind is always exciting and interesting, sharing that through one's art gives an enriching experience to the viewer as well.Thank you!


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