Tuesday, November 18, 2014

198: Drawing with acrylic markers

I've been drawing with Liquitex and Montana acrylic markers and have really enjoyed the expressive nature of the medium. I sketched directly onto a 24" x 30" canvas using an 11" x 14" oil study as reference. In the video below you see the entire process. I didn't edit out a single frame as I thought it would be interesting to see how spontaneous an underpainting can be. The video is twelve minutes and I used the large 15mm nib.

I posted the video via Gbox–my favorite video venue–and it's free. It is listed as Fund Raiser which means viewers can donate if they want. But please feel free to watch without charge. I hope you enjoy it. As always please post questions or comments below. The AccuView app mentioned in the video formats your photo reference into a wide array of formats and grids. It's very cool and I use it all the time to transfer reference to canvas.

Brad Teare–November 2014


  1. That is a real nice design you have there, Brad. Powerful.

    Good luck as you attack the canvas with loaded knife!


    1. Thanks Bob! Might dig into it tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words.


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