Wednesday, October 1, 2014

192 Abstract Evolution

Here is a short Gbox video about how I add layers of acrylic paint to create the painting shown here, Abstract Evolution, 48" x 36". It is not a step-by-step analysis but rather just a series of stills showing the layers as they were painted. Most of my acrylics are not painted alla prima but rather in discrete layers.

I used Golden Colors' acrylic Clear Tar Gel as a medium into which I applied textured layers (as if I were oiling up the canvas). I also scraped into the wet layers using a variety of knives and sculpting tools. Toward the end I added Golden's Clear Granular Gel. It is notable because while it adds a heavy texture it dries completely clear.

Brad Teare–October 2014


  1. It is beautiful, I would have loved to watch the actual process, I was looking forward to it through this video. Thanks for the share Brad.

    1. I hope you weren't too disappointed, Padmaja. I added a sentence describing better what viewers could expect. I will do a more elaborate video showing actual painting at some paint (probabaly after my abstract show).

      This was kind of a test as it was the first Gbox video I did entirely on my phone, including posting. That's really why I kept it so short (so I wouldn't have problems uploading). But thanks for your patience. As always I appreciate your feedback!

    2. I love this painting, Brad! I love the energy, movement, and vitality you have going on here!

      48" x 36" ... I've never done anything that large. My largest ever was 28" x 36". I have to try something that large soon!


    3. It's a blast! Highly recommended! I did switch to acrylics though because I couldn't afford the thick paint in oils!

    4. Yeah, I am with you there! I love oils, but it is an expensive medium. It's why I really don't paint thick myself. I cant afford it. I try to put oil film on roughly the thickness of a skin of pudding, a little thicker in some places, thinner in others.

      In many ways, thats' why I love RGH. The paints really are great and they're the most affordable I've found. I hate student grade paints (Winton, Grumbacher, Georgian)...they are just awful.

      I'll have to look at acrylics again sometime. I was reading Gurney Journey and he had a post about casein. That looks interesting for sketching.

      But after watching Dale Roberts, I'm really itchin to try Encaustic. All that bees wax seems like it'd add nice volume and provide textural capabilities! Looks fun to play with too!


      I dream of the day I can buy my standard palette in gallons! :)

      You know, it's all relative in terms of costs: If you're pricing and selling like Schmid, McVicker, et al, buying lead primed panels, Williamsburg Handmixed / Old Holland, and gilded HARDWOOD frames is just the cost of doing business. Man...I could buy my supplies for YEARS on the margins they make!



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