Tuesday, March 18, 2014

162 Painting with tints

In this video I use a selection of tints and tones provided by Gamblin Colors. Many artists use tints and tones as the basis for their painting and add limited primaries. This is generally referred to as tonalism.

For me tints are a way to subtly change the values of colors. I found it made subtle value shifts very quick especially when I wanted limited variations of shading such as in the clouds.

Let me know how the technique works for you.

Brad Teare March 2014


  1. Morning, Brad.

    That painting in the video has a nice design to it. The large masses really anchor the piece and the s-curve of the trailway add some nice movement. And the texture and variegated colors through out the painting keep the eye looking around.

    Very nice work, mi amigo.

    1. Thanks Bob! Always good to hear fro you. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Nice to see you using blogspot. Love the work too and the videos.
    How do you post YouTube videos. Nice to follow your work. I am working in acrylic at the moment so your info is good for me.
    http:// www.dpi-media.moonfruit.com
    Keep them coming
    David Iddon

    1. Thanks David. I use the imbed feature with Youtube. It makes for a quicker download for the blog. I checked your blog out. Nice work! I noticed that you sell via Saatachi. How is that working for you?


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