Monday, February 3, 2014

155 Adjusting an underpainting

Below is a video showing how I adjusted the underpainting I painted last time on Concert Window. Changes were very minor–it took less that 15 minutes– but necessary in order to assure a proper outcome. When you're painting with thick paint you want most of your thinking about composition and value to be already done. That makes it possible to focus on getting rich combinations of vibrant color with each brushstroke.

Brad Teare February 2014


  1. Would love to join you, but 2am in UK! Running commentary as you paint is v. useful.

  2. Darn, I'll be flying to Houston at the very same time. I just finished painting from the same source after doing the thumb nails and such. My version is a more literal interpretation. Very cool what you've done with it, a great learning experience for me.

    Will there be a way to watch it recorded or something on YouTube? Would love to see the finished painting.

  3. Thanks for the invite, Brad, and I'm sorry to have missed this event. I'm glad to hear you had success with it and look forward to continuing to follow you and learn from what you have to share..

  4. No problem everyone. I will catch you next time.


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