Tuesday, January 21, 2014

153 Thick encaustics 1 of 2

In this video I show the basic set-up for encaustic painting. In the next video I will demonstrate how to add chalk and paint with thick textures using this unique medium. Encaustics is an ancient art invented by the Greeks and perfected by the Egyptians. Initially I was intimidated by the arcane aspects of this increasingly common medium. But after I got into it I found it to be lot of fun. If you need something to shake up your thinking and get you out of a rut encaustics just might be the medium.

I use a lot of new materials and tools and most are listed below. Some of these are not typically used for encaustics (like the cast iron tea cups) so you avoid the premium we often pay for art supplies. The tea cups keep the pigment hot while you hold the cup in your non-dominant hand and paint with the other. The cups keep the pigment fluid for a long time and you can add a lot of pigment fast to the panel using this method:


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