Tuesday, September 24, 2013

139 Glazing an impasto underpainting

In parts of my current painting, Rocks at Kent Falls, 6' x 4', I wanted to add some really rough impasto texture. I've been studying the techniques of Rembrandt and felt this would be a good application of his methods.

The main idea is to build up enough texture in the underpainting that the glaze will sink into the low points of the impasto. Some people see a similarity between this technique and the art of antiquing. If you've ever antiqued furniture you will understand what I'm talking about. In both techniques you simultaneously push pigment into the low recesses and remove pigment from the high points.

This can result in a mannered technique so you have to be careful and not overdo it. I may sand the finished surface when it dries to bring back some of the spontaneity and chaos of the surface. I definitely will be scumbling with very light grays and blues over the top of the highlights of the rocks.

Brad Teare September 2013

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