Monday, April 8, 2013

114 New book, Digital version

When I published a hardback collection of paintings and woodcuts with Blurb I noticed I could also publish digitally with them (see it here). I hit the button to convert the book and was led to an online editing program. It seemed fairly straightforward but my custom fonts and other custom design elements didn't translate well.

I decided it would be best to reformat the book. Using InDesign I changed the font to Times and reflowed the text to eliminate wrap-arounds. I felt the overall effect was somewhat diminished so I added two of the most popular Thick Paint videos (Loading the Brush and Getting Greens Right, which together have over 75,000 views).

By selling the book on Blurb the digital book was automatically uploaded to the Apple iBookstore (see it here). It sells for $4.99 and is available on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. I suspect the ideal device to view it would be the iPad. But I don't know since I don't have an iPad yet. If you download it for the iPad let me know how it works. I'm especially curious about the videos.

Many thanks for the positive emails I've received recently. They keep me going! It looks like its going to be a beautiful Spring. I hope to have some videos about painting en plein air soon.

Brad Teare April 2013

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