Sunday, July 13, 2014

181: Five reasons to collect art

When people enter a well furnished room and see a fabulous painting they want to get closer. Such magnetism is a powerful emotional gift to the viewer. If they see an original—not a poster or mechanical reproduction—they witness firsthand the journey of the artist's mind and hand embodied in a physical artifact. To be in the presence of such authenticity evokes an energy that transforms a glance into an experience.

Supporting an olympic team or orchestra denotes sympathy for excellence. Supporting artists who create world class art signifies a similar kinship. Surrounding yourself with inspiring friends deepens and enriches your life. In like fashion original art inspires and uplifts. Supporting excellence builds a vibrant culture that benefits all and becomes the superstructure for intelligent and meaningful society.

Much of the modern world is visually fatiguing–the tangle of telephone lines, billboards, and urban signage exhausts the viewer–much like exposure to constant noise. A selection of original paintings offsets the eye-lacerating effects of the modern world and provides a visual oasis to recharge and refresh the mind. The imagination constitutes a large part of our lives and original paintings are a potent way to keep the imagination alive and vibrant.

You realize that although aspects of life can seem mundane the sense of being alive is fostered by acts of significance. By collecting original art you participate in the venerable tradition as a patron of the arts. Art fostered today becomes the cultural legacy of tomorrow. People who buy art make future paintings possible. People who collect art are people who expand their cultural contribution and make a real difference.

You realize that those who excel embrace creativity—whether they are doctors, lawyers, housewives, or craftsmen. Creativity seeks to expand and magnify all human experience. It is the invisible value that rescues any effort from the mundane. You understand this process and intuitively surround yourself with people and objects that enhance your engagement with creativity. Paintings are tangible witness to your belief in creativity.

Brad Teare—July 2014


  1. Now that was a great post and message, Brad!

    You know, even as a painter, I find that having one of my own paintings on the wall enriches life's experiences. To also have works created by others on the walls, makes my little home feel like a priceless and precious place to live!

    I wish there was more investment into original art, and less into Home Interiors, Chinese reproductions from Hobby Lobby. While prints can give some folks inexpensive access to art, there's nothing like having a richly textured original oil painting hanging on your wall. That, plus I'd rather know I'm supporting the artist directly, rather than the global corporation (Home Interiors, Hobby Lobby).

    I think Main Street enjoys art still. But the economy still hasn't recovered for many and they're still being prudent with their spending.

    Thanks for such a great post. It was well done, thoughtful, and I hope it goes on to inspire others of the importance of what art represents, not just to the artist, but to culture, society, and ultimately to the individual enjoying the visceral experience of gazing upon a richly creative piece of art.

    God bless,

    1. A few blog entries back I composed an ad for the Door County Plein Air Festival. I had a hard time thinking of reasons people should buy art and I've been thinking about the topic ever since. Thanks for your kind words, Bob.

  2. Great post Brad. Interesting to hear some of my own thoughts put into words. There is no substitute for the power and beauty of original artwork. It adds so much to a home/office/whatever building. Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Hi Brandt. It took me longer than it should have to articulate these ideas.

      Good to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback!


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