Tuesday, May 3, 2016

283: My books on Wattpad and Amazon

–MY Wattpad book, The Art of Thick Paint, is being featured this month as an example of a book with embedded images and video. I will be migrating the book to Amazon in two months so if you want to read it for free now is a good time to check it out (scroll down after clicking on the book cover to read with black text on white paper):

Also my book on Blurb is 25% off via the Blurb site (click on the full screen icon to get a better view of each page):

ABSTRACTS by Brad Lloyd Teare | Make Your Own Book

Use the code MYBOOKSALE25. This 25% off offer is good until May 6, 2016. I'm also offering the landscape book via Amazon within a few days but I suggest if you want the book you use the 25% off code as it is a much a better deal. I also have the book 53 Paintings and Several Woodcuts on Amazon for free if you have Kindle Unlimited ($2.99 if you don't).

I really appreciate your interest in my work and your continued support of this blog. With many thanks,

Brad Teare –May 2016


  1. Painting is not that easy and this book is really helpful.



    1. Many thanks Phillro. I agree that painting can be very mysterious at times. I'm glad my book has helped.

  2. Brad-

    Thanks for making this available. I bought "ABSTRACTS" from Blurb --a present to myself. :)

  3. Thanks, Steve. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


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