Sunday, January 4, 2015

208: Connecting with an audience

 Vestige of Sky, 12"x12", acrylic
Getting attention as an artist is not easy. It requires dedication, persistence, and luck–which according to Seneca is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. The internet promises to foster more encounters between the prepared and previously illusive opportunity. My experiments with YouTubeand more recently Saatchi Onlineprove that opportunity is expanding and easier to connect with.

Yet something is missing. It might be the sense of respect and mystery described in Lovemark Theory. Perhaps I haven't paid as much attention to such theories as I should. I rely instead on a very simple business idea–work with people who are honest, professional, and fun. By fun I mean generous–with exuberance for life and the creative process.

I've had the pleasure to be one of the early adopters of Gbox–an online alternative to YouTube–that promises to exceed the potential of YouTube while maintaining connection with content creators. They offer several models to fine tune video distribution. Early adopters receive 100% of all proceeds. I opted for the pay what you want option keeping my videos free yet allowing for donations should viewers be so inclined.

I'm currently preparing a series of videos about painting highly textured, acrylic abstracts. If you have video content to share with the world I highly recommend Gbox. Check out my Gbox channel below:

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