Wednesday, September 4, 2013

136 Sketch video for Concert Window event

In preparation for the live demo that will be happening this Wednesday, September 11, at 9 PM EDT I filmed a video of me sketching the preliminary for the painting I will be starting. Wednesday night I will be painting a full color, full value underpainting live. I haven't actually shown this aspect of my process very much in my videos so I think it will be of great interest to most thick paint enthusiasts.

I will be painting for approximately 40 minutes and interspersing the event with answers to your questions. My wife Debra Teare will be monitoring the computer as your questions come in. I think it will be really fun and I hope you will find the time to join us. Be sure to grab a ticket at Concert Window (just $1) sometime before the event (although I think you can still login after the event starts).

Brad Teare September 2013


  1. It was very helpful for me to do a preliminary drawing and then watch the video. Lessons learned: 1) I just took off sketching with no thought as to composition. You revealed some great points in terms of composition. 2). Surprised how light my shading is compared to used the gray scale and quickly realized there was not enough contrast in value.
    Looking forward to Concert Window next week.

    1. Using the grayscale is great while sketching. It can be a good reminder to use the full value of grays. Sketching outside using a gray scale is a real eye opener, too. Glad you've be joining us!

  2. A few days ago I made a small rough sketch in preparation for next weeks' show. I see your sketch is fairly large and detailed. It's interesting that you're using the gray scale for the values. I think I'll do a larger sketch too.

    I did make some changes though from the original reference photo. I felt the need for more dark masses, so I added two more trees. One large one on the right side and a smaller tree further down the road on the left side - creating a stonger perspective. I also wanted more contrast between the darker and brighter colors of the valley below.

    Looking forward to the show.

    1. Sounds interesting, Richard. I especially like the idea of the tree added for perspective. Sometimes my sketches are smaller. I wanted some elbow room on this one.


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