Friday, August 30, 2013

133 Note to the Land Down Under

I was thrilled to get several messages from Australia saying several thick paint enthusiasts will be joining us for the live class via Concert Window. Several asked what time I would be broadcasting in Australia time. The answer is I will broadcast at 11 am Sydney Time on September 12th. In Perth it will be 9:00 am and in Adelaide it will be 10:30 am.  Note that in Australia the day is the 12th not the 11th like here in the States. If some savvy Aussie would be willing to check my calculations I would much appreciate it. Hope you can all join us.

On a further note Anthony S. of Carrara, Queensland, Australia bought a 9 value grayscale. I dutifully mailed it and a month later it boomeranged back into my mailbox for a round trip of 16,000 miles. All for $1.34 postage! If you are reading this Anthony, please send me your new address. I'd love to get the grayscale to you (no charge for additional postage, of course). Or if you are a part of the Queensland art scene and you know someone who knows Anthony please let him know. Many thanks to all my friends down under!

See you on September 11th (or 12th on the other side of the globe!)

Brad Teare August 2013


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