Wednesday, July 28, 2010


MY wife and I recently returned from a plein air festival in Door County, Wisconsin. We had a wonderful time. The event was well planned by the Peninsula School of Art and the beauty of Door County was only matched by the hospitality of our hosts, Alison and Phil.

This video demonstrates a few insights into painting in the field I learned during the festival. Door County had an extremely wet spring this year and capturing the greens was an immense challenge. While this video focuses on using a sketch to maintain good design, a future entry will include several solutions to mixing beautiful greens.


  1. Brad
    Your future entry on greens will be welcome, if you get around to it. The initial pinkish under color that you used for the water in this cliff painting seems to be an example of what you mentioned on a previous post about dealing with difficult greens by first using a warm complimentary color. I've been thinking quite a bit about this as I view the mountain forests and valley rivers here in my neck of the woods, especially in those areas where the mountains meet the sky. There is confusion in my mind about how to paint that combination of middle & high value blues and greens so that it isn't flat looking or anemic. You mentioned not using a medium in alla prima painting, and I'm curious, no medium at all, not even a little turpentine for the stiffer pigments?
    When I use the Epoxide Oil in a dedicated way throughout a painting, I'll share the experience.

  2. Steve-

    Now that you mention it I do use a very small amount of Gamsol in the early stages. I do this almost intuitively and forgot to mention it.

    In the blue of a sky for example I think it is very useful to lay down a pale pink hue first and paint into this color with the blues and greens of the sky. If I add of bit of Gamsol it will make the pink bleed through more into the final layer. I can use the fluidity to control my final result. I do use very little Gamsol though. LIke you mentioned mostly for the stiffer pigments.

    I have a short paragraph about greens in today's entry but will do a video soon that will explain in even more detail. Sorry to be so slow but my painting kit is in transit from Door County.


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