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  1. Boy, I go away for a couple days and you get busy!
    Brad, I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into this webpage. Its absolutely the best painting instruction I've found on the web. I want you to know you're appreciated!

  2. Your videos provide excellent information on painting 'into the couch'(I have been unable to find much information on it elsewhere). Quick question: Is it better to use a heavy viscosity medium(like a gel) when painting in this manner or is it arbitrary?

  3. This was a great video! I am studying illustration and I appreciate that you are using good technical terminology when you explain what you are doing. I have found that people from a fine art background sound very mystical and vague when they are trying to teach which is not the case with your instruction. Thanks!

  4. John, Stephen, and Finnian,

Many thanks for your comments. I prefer the medium I paint into to be thicker than the paint I am applying. So if I am applying really thick strokes of paint I need the couch to be very thick as well. If I am adding very thin glazes and scumbles I can use a thinner medium (in most cases pure G-gel).

My background is in woodcut illustration so I had to really think about how to transition into painting with thick paint. I'm attempting to articulate that transition as clearly as possible. People who paint more intuitively probably have a more difficult time communicating what is going on in their heads as they paint.

Again, many thanks for the feedback. It keeps me going (and on track)

    Also, Stephen, be sure that your medium doesn't melt (like pure linseed oil will do). I usually use an alkyd medium like G-gel, linseed oil with chalk (known as a putty), or a medium like Natural Pigments' venetian medium (which is quite good but a little expensive).

  5. Thank you for your explanation, it's really helpful to get information about the practical usage of certain mediums that I would otherwise overlook.

  6. Thanks Brad, I am in agreement with Stephen. This is info that I am getting for the first time (about the mediums) and am already beginning to incorporate into my paintings.

  7. Thanks Jim, I do try to include information difficult to find elsewhere or at least might be a unique fusion of concepts previously known. I will definitely try to keep the ball rolling in that direction.


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