Wednesday, November 26, 2014

200: Two shows

Below is a short video of two shows I had in November. One was a one-night landscape realist show at Zions Bank and the other a two month abstract show at Harmons in downtown Salt Lake City. It is an unconventional venue–it's a grocery store–but the exhibit will be up for the Sundance Film Festival. Most Park City Galleries are closed during Sundance so art enthusiast have limited places to see art. There are several Sundance theater venues just a few blocks from the exhibit so I think it will get some great exposure. Many thanks to Linda Martin for encouraging me to try some unconventional venues.

Many have asked how sales were at the shows. I sold one 16" x 20" at the Zions Bank show which was less than usual but unexpectedly sold a small abstract the night we were hanging the abstract show. It was unexpected because we hadn't even gotten the painting on the wall before it sold. Many thanks, Paul! After the exhibit ends in Mid-February it will hang at Alpine Art for another month making for some great exposure. Many thanks to Susan and Alpine Art for making this extended show happen!

I look forward to our Google Hangout. See you then!

Brad Teare–November 2014


  1. The best time would be from 8 to 11pm during the week, New York City time.

  2. Hi Brad, what day were you thinking about? If it were a Saturday, anytime is good. During the week evenings are good. On a side note, I met you and your wife in Door County, last summer. Remember?

  3. for me it is hit or miss due to my insane work schedule. sometimes i work until 10pm EST. I have no set schedule but i could arrange for a specific day to be available.

  4. I really enjoyed the show as if I was there in real, beautiful n vibrant pieces Brad!
    I look forward to the time you will announce.

  5. HI Brad:

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for being a friend with you here, enjoying the painting life! I hope you have more successes as you continue to do what you do!

    God bless!

  6. Wednesday evenings.


Thanks for your comments!


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