Wednesday, January 22, 2014

154 Thick encaustics 2 of 2

In this second video I add chalk to the encaustic pigments. Not only does it make a very usable impasto application it also strengthens the paint film. The image at left is a close-up of the texture (click image to see larger view). In the larger view you can see how I scraped into the paint to give added texture. I thought the chalk might impart a matt finish but the impasto sections buffed up nicely just like regular encaustic.

The only real problem was that adding chalk changed the melting point. When I went to melt and fuse the various layers of pigment the layers of paint that didn't have the chalk melted first. It wasn't a huge problem and there are various solutions. Overall I think the increased impasto was worth the complications of multiple melting points. Below is a link to the cheapest source of chalk I have found. Since encaustics are so expensive it is nice to have a reasonably priced additive.

If you give it a try let me know if you had comparable results.

Brad Teare January 2014


  1. Good morning, Brad. I just watched this and the previous video. I loved them very much! This is a material and technique I've never tried before. It was quite interesting to observe. You show so much "how to" in such short time spans that I think I could give it a go myself just from these videos.

    I just love the painting you are working on. It sings with color, interesting texture, and has a nice s-curve design through out. It springs with life! Just love it! Great job, Brad!

    Thanks for sharing as always. God bless,


    1. Thanks Bob! I might show how to make your own encaustic at some point because it is awfully expensive to use commercially available pigment in a thick manner, especially if the panels are large. It's easy to though. In fact the only downside to encaustic is the ventilation problem. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. hi Brad, been ordering materials since your 2 vids and i'm making my own as well as having bought two paletts of R&H, one is c,m,y and another is a five color limited palette. the pigments i ordered for mixing are a zorn palette and a favorites selection. years ago i had a commercial full color printer that used wax blocks instead of ink or toner. wished i had saved those waxes. it made every color from the process dyes. i should be making a stink in a day or two with the hot plate. found an old electric sauce pan to blend my own blocks. using a mini cupcake pan for the molds. The weather here in nj has been giving me stir crazy/cabin fever symptoms so the full spectrum lights will be welcome. I am going to paint flat on a table for safety sake. Sunny landscape is my first panel. Marble dust is my thickener. wish me luck, stay well and warm.

    1. Sounds fun, Bruce. Be sure to get proper ventilation. Concentrated fumes can be bad news. I'm getting cabin fever here, too. I should be outside painting in a few weeks though.


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