Tuesday, December 24, 2013

151 Art synthesis

According to the German philosopher Georg Hegel the intellectual process involves thesis (an original idea), antithesis (an opposing idea), and synthesis (a fusion of ideas). Other thinkers have applied this method to a wide variety of creative activities. Making this intuitive process a conscious one frees an artist to abandon older techniques in the search of a newer, more compatible synthesis.

As I mentioned a few entries back I will soon begin painting a large commissioned piece. Due to the theme of the commission it seems logical to explore more academic techniques that use a variety of processes. The technique of Rembrandt immediately came to mind. As I studied his technique I became even more intrigued with his methods.

In short I will be fusing my thick paint approach with a wider variety of artistic techniques. For some time I have thought I needed a variety of textures throughout my painting and that a uniform amount of thick paint was a flaw. I currently feel it best to use a wide variety of techniques in the pursuit of the maximum effects.

I'm excited to embark on this new chapter of my painting process. I fully intend to pursue painting thickly, especially with my abstracts, but supplemented with a more realistic and less impressionistic mode of painting. I hope you enjoy following along. 

Brad Teare December 2013


  1. Good luck with the exploration, Brad! I hope you enjoy the adventure!

    In my view, uniform application of texture is absolutely wonderful (as Howard Behrens and you can do!), but so is varied texture!

    I hope you enjoy the journey!

    I just love Rembrandt! A wonderful exhibit came into buffalo years ago. His Luncheon of the Boating Party is amazing. So many art posters and books do awful reproductions and seeing works in person can often show you a much more lively painting. Not only for texture, but for color, impact.

    I'm going to explore a few different approaches myself. I'm not seeking groundbreaking innovations, but more learning of different techniques. Maybe one of these days I'll settle into a uniform style and approach. But for now, there's so many different techniques, styles, and motifs to explore and that's all a part of the fun!

    Good luck with the commission!

  2. Happy New Year, Brad!

    May 2014 bring you even more successes as an artist, husband, and all around good guy!

    See you next year!

    1. I've enjoyed your comments on this blog so much, Robert! It's been one of the best parts. Hope you have a great New Year!


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