Wednesday, September 18, 2013

138 Oiling up an underpainting

In this video I oil up the canvas over a full value, full color underpainting. I did this underpainting exactly as demonstrated in my webcast a few weeks ago. I kept the paint thin and focused on hue and value. I reserve adding saturation for the final layer of paint. Focusing just on hue and value allows me to keep things simple on my palette as well as in my mind.

You'll notice I'm not using my grayscale finder because I've already adjusted all the values in the underpainting. I simply match the values as I paint over the underpainting. In some cases I'm lightening some of the darks. This is because I decided I want to glaze the final stage of the painting (a good way to adjust saturation). If the darks are too dark there's nothing to glaze. Glazing over a dark just makes it darker and you lose the color. So when you want to glaze at a later stage be sure to keep the darks lighter than you would otherwise.

Brad Teare September 2013


  1. Are you left handed?

  2. I'm right handed but use both hands when I use my thick paint method.


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