Friday, May 4, 2012

97 Thick Paint in 53 languages

I was thrilled that Google recently made universal translation available for blogs. I immediately added the button to my site. You can find it at the top of teh page on the right.

The main reason I write this blog is to help artists who may not be able to easily find the resources they need to be the artists they dream of becoming. Additionally it is a tragedy that parents, teachers, and would-be mentors  might not be able to find the resources they need to help their students excel. I made this blog as an evolving resource for art students everywhere. I am extremely glad Google has made it possible for this information to be translated into 52 additional languages. Thank you Google!

I speak Spanish so was curious to test the accuracy of the translation. I rate it as extremely good. If you are reading this blog in a language besides English please add a comment and let me know how the translation experience worked for you.

Please share this with your non-English speaking friends. Many thanks!

Brad Teare May 2012

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