Tuesday, May 11, 2010

58 Painting wet-into-dry

THIS video shows how I apply really thick paint over a previously dry layer. I also add some glazing and scumbling as well as some thin dry brush strokes to soften edges.


  1. The use of a layer of clear medium 'cushion' ( however that's pronounced ) in oils and acrylics is dawning on me with increasing import. I think it's another rung on the ladder of learning how to paint more richly. The aspect of it that I can't quite come to terms with is , where to put it? I seem to paint all over the place, never sure of exactly what part of the painting I will, or won't, work on, which means that a cushion would have to be applied to the entire picture before every session. That might make for a glossy build-up in an area if no pigment was applied there. Do you use such a layer to make the next wet paint adhere better or to make the paint more workable?

  2. Steve,

    Good points regarding painting into a couch (I have read the word cushion used in this regard but like you have never heard it pronounced). In this case I did oil up the whole canvas. I generally think that is the best option because it gives you more flexibility. You might think you are just going to change the sky but when you do you see you need to change nearly everything.

    I know of at least one major painter who claims to oil up the entire canvas with Liquin at least five times. Liquin is too thin for me so I don't use it, plus I think the odd way it discolors and dries in the bottle is a little suspicious.

    A good way to decrease gloss is to add a bit of chalk to the G-gel (not enough to make it translucent). You definitely can overdo this as well and get an extremely matte surface. Of course, this matte surface can be unified by an application of Eco-house damar varnish which I really like. A layer of G-gel and chalk is an extremely good layer to glaze into as it has a bit of tooth to it.

    I hope these ideas help. Thanks for your questions.


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