Wednesday, January 20, 2010

25 The sketch 1 of 3


  1. i'm a new painter,(new to painting, a few months only,) but almost 50 yrs old..i appreciate your blog here and the insights you teach me quite a lot,which i apply to my digital painting.I wouldn't have tried painting without the digital aspect of it..thanks


  2. Tim,

    I'm glad you are finding the information useful. I am trying to make it interesting for new and experienced painters alike.

    Thanks for dropping by and I hope to hear how your painting is going and if these ideas continue to be useful to you.

  3. I just had to chime in, Brad! I've been involved with art all my life and I ain't no spring chicken...Lol. I've found your blog to be plenty informative with each post. Keep up the great work! The blogosphere needs you!

  4. Thanks for all the useful information..hope lots more are on their way

  5. Thanks Dean and Art Ist. Your enthusiasm is much appreciated.

    There's lots more to come, including the use of patterns, painting trees, as well as a visit to the Leconte Stewart Museum.

    So stay tuned.

  6. Just found your site Brad. Nice to see thumbnail sketches. I started doing them and now there making me think more which is good. I like the videos you put on sketching and painting, fantastic.



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