Wednesday, December 2, 2009

04 Loading the brush, working with the 9 value grayscale

There are lots of ways to load a brush. This is one way I have found to get lush strokes of broken color.


  1. Hey, Brad, nice video--it really shows what you're doing. I never thought of loading a brush that way. How do you have the camera mounted over the palette?

  2. Hi Jim, good to hear from you.

    To film my palette I use a devise my brother Steve makes that allows the camera to be mounted on a boom. I can position it virtually anywhere. That is how I had the camera in between the easel and me as I painted the mountain. It is pretty cool.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hey Brad - this is really great - thanks for getting so specific! the close ups are super informative. Excellent teaching!

  4. Very interesting method. I recently saw a show of California artist Ray Turner's portraits at PMCA museum and I was wondering how he was able to successfully paint with such thickness. Your blog and method gave me some good ideas on how to approach this look.

  5. Your video is well-done, which is rare! (lol) I especially found your "paint with paint, not the brush" comment pertinent. Will see what I can do with your method. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Walt,

    I got your email with the attachments of the super textured portraits. Fantastic! I do wish I could see the originals. Thanks for sending such fascinating images. Stay in touch.

    Thanks Sarah. Be sure to let me know how the technique works for you or if you discover any interesting variations.


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